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Welcome to a Place of Koinonia!
on Thu, 04 Nov 2004 17:58:47
by Pete.H author list
in content

Philippians 2:29 (NASB)
Receive (welcome) him then in the Lord with all joy,
and hold men like him in high regard

Welcome, friend! We're so glad to have you!

Want to follow Jesus better, as a worker, in your workplace, and even in your work itself? Are you part of (or interested in) the high tech industry? Then you're in the right place.

Join the adventure of this online community! A great place to serve... a great place to be.

It's all about God -- really! We're asking Him to help us be creative about how He can be glorified in the midst of everything else that goes on.

Seamlessly spiritual and professional: there's plenty of stuff to do, great discussions, planning and strategizing... and you can quietly consider what our God is saying to your heart...absorb a beautiful photo, read a poem about a strategy meeting, and more.

Very diverse: already we have intercessors, ministry leaders, high tech professionals, artists and more!

Take a walking tour starting at the City Gates. That's the best way to become familiar with A Place of Koinonia. See below for a few other hints.

Again, we welcome you to this place, and pray you will experience God's blessings here.

For the whole ICTA team,
<img src='http://www.icta.net/img/pete-sig.gif' height='50' alt='' style='vertical-align:middle; border:0' />
Pete Holzmann
Executive Director, Founder

PS: A few hints...
How to settle in? Take a moment to quiet your spirit. Take the Walking Tour. When you're done, register (and be sure to tell us which community you came for (tech folk, ministry leaders, etc.) -- we use that to determine which site areas you can enter.

More? OK, add to your profile: a thumbnail photo for your 'forum icon'. Make your presence known! Make comments, reply to forum threads, add to a Wiki...share your greetings, prayers, great ideas. Discover the reflecting pool, find great software deals, share your latest techno-insight or your journey towards seamlessness. Work life, family life, spiritual life -- they mix just fine here!

As part of the community, be open to new thoughts, ideas and experiences as you wander and fellowship in the Place of Koinonia.

This is a bare-bones first investment in the 'feel' and spirit of this place, in prayer while we're hard at work on our computer keyboards. We know much more is needed!

Welcome to this Place of Fellowship... with our God, and with His people!<hr />