Welcome to the Wattle Grove at a Place of Koinonia!
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The Golden Wattle is Australia's floral emblem. However wattle received its name from the use of the tree as wattles. These were long flexible twigs used to construct housing using a method brought to Australia from Britian.

So it the spirit of this web site, we've dubbed the Australian page, the Wattle Grove.

We held the Christian IT - Connecting Gospel,Life and IT Seminar on May 12, 2007. Listen to the MP3s at Sydney Christian IT Conference Wiki Page

The Australian Chapter of ICTA has existed as long as ICTA has, starting in 1998 during a visit by Pete Holzmann to Australia. Crosscape Technology has been the sponsor and facilitator of the group since it's establishment. In 2006 it was decided to incorporate our web presence into this site.

We have an email group for news and discussions
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Australian ICTA members on this site have access to a set of Forums. If you can't see them contact us at au (at) icta (dot) net.