Documentation Intro

This documentation wiki contains the following main sections:

General Wiki Introduction

A wiki is special in that almost anybody can edit almost any page in it. If you are reading an article and find the information is incorrect or outdated, you can simply fix it. If you have a comment on the document, you can put it right inside so that future readers can balance the content against your idea.

Contributing To A Wiki

To contribute, follow these steps:

  1. If you've never heard of a Wiki, read an overview of the concept at Tavi:WhatIsAWiki.
  2. Read how to use the Wiki, available at WikiMarkup.
  3. Try things out in the ((Sandbox:SLTy+Sandbox+Home|Sandbox)) until you are comfortable.

Once you've been through the above steps, you should be ready to modify content or comment within it.

If you insert a comment, please leave your name, like this. -- CommunityAdmin

Please Post and Edit!

Please do not be afraid to add to the wiki!!

Others want to read your thoughts and opinions.

Wikis are designed to be changed. Wikis remember all changes. Thus you probably cannot break anything permanently by accident. If you find you've accidentally messed things up and can't figure out how to undo the damage, please just drop a note to CommunityAdmin so we can get things back in order. We won't yell at you, promise!