About the ICTA Community AntiVirus Plan

As a result of a Christian leader's virus "disaster," ICTA was asked to develop a plan that would:

  • Provide non-tech ministry workers worldwide with reliable, secure, affordable protection from viruses (and now spyware, etc as well)
  • "Outsource" the technical management to trusted ICTA Community volunteers

ICTA and our partners discovered a solution, tested it with a few hundred users over several years, and are now prepared to expand. We regularly review available product(s), to ensure we're obtaining the best possible value for the resources invested.

As part of the expansion plan, we are pleased that as a result of a year of negotiations with our vendor, they have agreed to unique terms that allow us to meet the stated goals very nicely.

Here's a brief summary of the product and plan. Actual pricing is not to be exposed on our public website; you must be a logged-in member and visit the Member Wiki discounts page to get those details.

The Product

  • McAfee global enterprise managed anti-virus with antispyware
  • Enterprise-quality Anti-Virus plus Anti-Spyware software
  • NOT the same product as what comes with many computers, or is sold in many stores
  • Users click once to install then can literally forget about viruses and spyware
    • McAfee aVert team is first-to-find-and-fix viruses more than half the time
    • Clients are auto-updated within hours (every time they go online)
    • When a problem is found, it is silently taken care of.
  • Plan Admins enjoy "lights out", zero administrative setup/maintenance time, cost and infrastructure
    • Plan Administrators administer and monitor remotely, with automated worldwide consolidation of all reports
    • Powerful reporting system allows both online viewing and download in Excel, Word, and other formats
  • Ideal for ministries of all sizes, but particularly those with little or no inside tech help
  • /ProductOptions compares with other good products, including Grisoft AVG and Nod32.
  • /WhyChoose gives some reasons you might want to use this.
  • /WhyNotChoose gives some reasons you might not want to use this.


  • Available to all ICTA-affiliated organizations and individuals.
  • There must be an approved volunteer Plan Administrator for your region
  • At this time, we have several Plan Administrators for India, and in-house for a few US-based ministries. More are needed!
  • This is a great opportunity for mature admin volunteers
  • The Member Wiki also explains how to become a Plan Administrator. More Plan Admins are needed!


  • Retails at US$63/node for two years (US$31.50/year)
  • We have a unique global-enterprise agreement: the ICTA-connected community is treated as a form of global enterprise. We purchase with volume discounts, and administer with a team of trusted, qualified volunteers.
  • See the Member Wiki discounts page for deep-discount pricing (based on our high volume purchasing), including some subsidized pricing for certain regions of the world, thanks to generous donors.

How to obtain

  • Prepayment with your order during Open Enrollment periods
  • Licenses are purchased at the end of each Open Enrollment period
  • Enrollment is Open Now! Please send your subscription commitment ASAP to your Plan Administrator or to ICTA.