Here are ICTA's Core Values, worked out with much prayer and reflection.

Total dependence on Jesus Christ our Lord


  • We believe He is Lord in every aspect of our individual lives and corporate ministry. The Holy Spirit is 110% the basis for our confidence in the work we do; He will lead and direct us to fulfill our vision.
  • Linking the mind and heart: We know that all the skills, training, experience, and knowledge we and our partners have attained are not only from the Lord but to be used for the Lord.
  • God directs our vision. We prayerfully work in the present toward what He envisions for the future.

Godly Character


  • We believe each individual (internal staff and partners) influences the character of our ministry. Our desire is to represent God well in who we are and what we do, with excellence and respect.
  • Our commitment to spiritual growth, pressing in to ?know? Him, results in mind and ?self? renewed with a priority on prayer, reading His word and fellowship with believers. These are priorities for us to know His wisdom and discern His will, as we take on His nature and character.
  • We respect and esteem those with whom we work, valuing and investing heavily in relationships. Trustworthiness and integrity before the Lord are essential for our support of communities in sensitive areas.

Transforming the Community of High-tech Professionals


  • Many people do not see?or care about?the connection between technology and spirituality. Yet technology produces fruit?good or bad. We bear responsibility for creating life-giving technology.
  • We see the spiritual value in who we are as professionals, not simply doing a ?good job? or ministering God?s love to coworkers, but seeing our skills and insight as God?s creative gifts for His purposes. Good stewardship of professional skills recognizes them as creative gifts, given by God?s grace for His purposes.
  • We?re advancing a dramatic transformation among those who envision, create, and use technology?to wholly lean on the Spirit and create products that reflect the fruit of the Spirit.

Transforming the Church Community


  • As a professional community, we are deeply committed to ?church? community relationships, serving locally and globally as an integral part of the church: servant-leaders, perpetual learners, disciples and mentors.
  • As our community and its products are transformed (see #3), more of the Church will see and accept that technology can be a spiritual blessing and can, like art, reflect His nature.
  • We will prepare the Church to apply technology wisely?teaching a Godly perspective on its use. ?Spirit-led? technology helps the Church collaborate.

Extending the Kingdom


  • We?re passionate about God?s sovereign priorities for each individual and community: to love Him and our neighbors. He calls each one to bless all neighbors?from every nation, culture and language.
  • We encourage communities worldwide in joint Kingdom-extending efforts, especially to those with least access to the Church, and initiatives with security concern, low visibility, and/or few resources.
  • We live this out by building multi-cultural bridges. We take seriously the increased sensitivity and responsibility that goes with technology-enhanced connections and collaboration among cultures worldwide.