InterWiki definitions allow SLTyWiki pages to link to pages on other sites, whether wiki's or not, e.g. such as Dictionary:click.

To create a link to another site, type the name of the site, followed by a colon, followed by the name of the page. Examples:

The InterWiki database is controlled by each community. Following the pattern given below, new entries may be added to the InterWiki database. Each line must be written exactly as below, starting with "*InterWiki:", followed by the remote site's nickname, followed by the base URL to use for that wiki. When you save this page, the database will automatically be updated.

Note: In order to avoid interwiki names showing as WikiPages?, when one doesn't intend to write these as well please add a '!' mark in front of the nicknames.

See also SisterWiki?.

If you know a site, which should be available through an interwiki link, put here a link to it. After a month or so it will be moved to the upper list, unless someone disagrees. Remember to give reasons for your suggestion.

As far as I know, this page was originally intended as a compilation of commonly linked sites. Then you could link to them more easily, and if the target site moved, you only had to update the link in this page. Please don't use it as a billboard!

If you have something to add to this list, move it below this text. They should be dealt with later. No-one has used these as interwiki links. You can find that out by searching this site for their interwiki names (like MuWeb).