Welcome to SLTyWiki, - The SLTy Community Wiki, a free community-service storehouse of ideas and resources for the online Christian community, that's being written collaboratively right here. Any registered member of ICTA's SLTy Community can edit any article, with a record of changes kept.

Ordinary folks, like you, are actively adding to the Wiki; someone might be editing an article even as you read this. Yes, lots of them are well known for their experience, but everyone is welcome. After all, our God has given you a unique set of gifts and skills that are needed by the rest of us. Once you're registered so we know a bit about you, you can dive right in. Work on any page you like! There's no required sequence. Please drop in as often as you can. By the way, if you're like many of us, you'll soon be addicted to the "Recent Changes" page. You can (and should) Be bold in updating pages. Of course, we all expect your contributions to reflect the Koinonia spirit foundational to this community.

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