Ecco Pro is (was) a ground breaking PIM (Personal Info Manager); more powerful than just about any contact management system on the planet. It lost its place in the market after Outlook became available essentially for free. It's hard to compete with free!

The basic metaphor in Ecco is the outline. Any item begins as a bulleted note, with unlimited columns of associated data. The bullet can be expanded into a full outline. And each sub-bullet is also an item (with columns). Columns can be checkmarks, dates, lists, times, GANTT charts, URL's, or just about anything. Even a link to a loadable file. The same set of data can be viewed according to any column: you can have a notebook tab for the Titles of all your CD's, and a tab showing the Performer... and they both refer to the same dataset. The key to all this: you can have your data any way you like, not just how someone else thinks it ought to be. And it's easy to incorporate new ways of looking at your data.

As if that weren't enough, Ecco sync's multiple users in real time, syncs with Palm Pilots better than any other contact manager, auto-syncs laptop users as they come and go. Programmers can script it.

And, it's free. In fact, it's on its way to being released as "Open Source." Be aware that Ecco has a fairly steep learning curve. But once you catch on, it's incredibly fast and easy to use! We use it for live outlining during many group meetings.

The files and folders at this location will give you the entire

ECCO distribution CD-ROM. Just download the directory with your favorite FTP program then burn it onto a CD-ROM. You can use your CD exactly as you would the original install CD:

Full CDROM Download Download here for an exact copy of the installable CD-ROM including all documentation, etc.
Installer Download Here's just the installable program (Setup32.exe)
Docs download Documentation, user/tech notes, tutorials, etc

Other support sites:

http://groups.yahoo.com/groupo/eccopro An active user group providing friendly help, and a library of EasyEcco back issues, a user-help magazine
http://www.eccorocks.com/ helpful site