Groove Tricks


Groove/Outlook integration

Temporary changes:

  • From within Outlook, to go Tools>>Customize, and select the Toolbars tab.
  • Uncheck the Groove toolbar.
  • Restart Outlook.

To prevent the toolbar from returning when Outlook is restarted:

  • Open a command prompt (click Start>>Accessories>>Command Prompt).
  • Run one of the following commands to navigate to the Groove\Bin folder:
  • For Groove Workspace 2.0, type:
  • cd \progra~1\groove~1\groove\bin
  • Run the following command:
  • regsvr32 /u GrooveOnRamp?.dll

This step will unregister the DLL that provides Outlook with access to Groove.

It can be reversed by re-running the command without the "/u" (unregister) option.