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BOOK REVIEW by Gerry Davey of O.M. International
Printed by OM Books
Price: free
OM Books is helping Mr Lim distribute the books. It is strictly meant only for those who intend to read the book.

Family circumstances in recent years have dictated that I read a significant number of books on the topic of suffering, grief and loss. I consider UNDERSTANDING JOB to be one of the best.

By the very way that it is set out it brings a useful clarification to the main points of this Old Testament Scripture. It is very easy to get lost in the long diatribes of Job's friends and his responses, but this book helps to prevent this.

The author's comments stick close to the biblical text and he lets other Scriptures, both Old and New Testament, interpret it.

I sense that the author has considerable wisdom and experience in counselling from his useful insights for people helping those actually going through suffering or other experiences they cannot presently understand.

In my opinion, Mr Lim paints a balanced picture of what Job did right and where he failed.

The book would be useful for someone going through suffering or traumatic loss when our understanding can easily become warped.

Godís sovereignty is firmly upheld whilst compassion towards Job's predicament is clearly exhibited. I sensed a good balance as far as Calvinist and Arminian viewpoints are concerned.

It was heart-warming to read encouragement to both longing for truth and for the exercise of self-control and discipline. In some places the author almost seems like a modern day mystic, in the best sense of the word, and reminded me of the better titles of A W Tozer.

The author is at the same time theologically competent and very practical.

He leaves no room for any "health and wealth" theories.

One slight criticism is that it still bears the marks of being a series of addresses and more rigorous editing could eliminate some of the repetition, but don't let this put you off reading it!

Gerry Davey
International Literature Consultant,
O.M. International

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